From the foothills of the Sierras to the edge of the Mojave Desert...

The decaying Sierra Mountain range is the source of our beautiful kaolin porcelain, and the ancient exposed lake bed at the edge of the Mojave Desert is the source of our strong calcium clay.

We mix all of our own clay and glazes in-house using Jered's sustainably sourced California Porcelain Blend clay body, the recipe for which took him five years to hone and refine.

Our work is inspired by our vision of a better, more sustainable future. We use electric kilns instead of gas to diminish our fossil fuel use, and we fire at mid-range, cone five, to reduce our use of energy.

We love to see hints of the maker in our finished pieces--the process embodied in the small drip of glaze, the faint line left from the swirl of the rib.